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DIY, Budget Friendly Tips For Refreshing Your Home With Paint

  • December 22, 2023
  • By-R&K Coatings

Renovating homes through expansive interior design overhauls prove heavy on pockets, making minor touch-ups seem more practical for regular maintenance. Painting various spaces using fresh colors works as affordable pick-me-ups that transform living areas drastically through subtle enhancements alone. 

Discover DIY painting ideas from R&K Coatings below for refreshing your home’s aura minus expensive contracting. Our decade long expertise having delivered 200+ painting projects provides budget-friendly tricks maximizing visual impact through clever paint usage!

Prep Painting Surfaces Meticulously

filled surfaces promptly absorb new paint coats offering enhanced even finish. Before grabbing rollers rushes analyze repair needs through tapping walls checking loose plaster or old putty requiring fortification. 

Mark sections demanding concentrated smoothing using sandpapers removing cracks, peeling signs etc. Ensure surfaces feel entirely leveled uniform without prominent textural highs-lows for flawless color applications later without needing specialized tools. 

Careful prep works ensures anyone can handle painting needs sporadically without continuous dependency on expensive painters charges for touch ups every few months due to shoddy prep shortcuts earlier!

Choose Colors Strategically

Instead whole domestic overhaul fully transform particular walls with colors producing maximum contrast catching attention as one enters space. Hallways, accent walls adjoining living rooms appear visually appealing done tastefully compared to entirely blue or red drowned corridors at budget pricing! 

A clever approach is retaining conventional coats on three walls while making the fourth pop brightly. Such selective color contrast Adelaide immediately uplifts moods infusing positive energy minus overbearing makeovers.

Invest Into Premium Quality Paint

Utilizing inferior quality paints causes disadvantage long run when discolouration, chipping signs start manifesting quicker demanding repetitive painting. Spend slightly more opting branded paints like Dulux, Nerolac etc offering weatherproofing, uniform coats across geographies.

Water-based soft sheen options better than regular emulsions provide scruff resistance suiting high traffic areas like corridor trims or children’s spaces. Ensure using formulations particular applications against spending unnecessarily on multifunction ones unable meeting singular needs.

Establish Proper Lighting

What appears perfectly blue in the morning could turn purplish by night or under various light sources like bulb, tube lights etc. Confirm selections under natural day lighting that allows picking hues closet depiction for final outcomes. Artificial LED strips now help check colour manifestations across lighting formats confirming choices before actual application. 

Avoid selecting shades viewable accurately possible all lighting modes preventing post painting disappointment specially darker tones! 

Purchase Application Accessories

Paint rollers, high grade brushes, trays and drop cloths prove worthy investments for flawless color applications instead of traditional equipment renting. Clean rollers types reach difficult spots like ceiling edges, nooks smoothly providing extensive coats maximizing surface adhesion. 

Quality brushes again minimize stroke visibility despite speedy applications disciplining usage techniques. such accessories improve painting experiences drastically reducing additional labor, touch up requirements frequently witnessed in DIY attempts otherwise.

Attempt Textural Finishes 

Plain color coats soon become mundane so attempt textural styles using same paint like textured, strokes or glazing finishes. Textured paintings add depth minus demanding heavy labor. Selectively use thicker rollers over certain portions for elevated paint patterns without needing special impression tools.

Vertical broad stroking uniformly or zig zag dragging thickened brushes creates lined textures efficiently. Such aesthetic patterns visual stimulation reviving spaces interestingly minus monotonous looks from budget paint jobs!

Incorporate Creative Finishing Touches

Elevate space aura further using quirky designing ideas without needing professional interior design services monthly retainers. Paint one wall with blackboard coating allowing family members to unleash creativity daily. Use regular chalk drawing sketches, leaving sweet notes, scribbling memos etc making interiors interactive. 

Alternatively, create accent walls using a decoupage medium. Use serviettes, gift wrappers or magazine cut outs for an affordable textured look. This removes monotonous paint while adding personalized style. 


Revamping homes fully with civil works and architectural renovations is tedious involving huge budgets. But refreshing living auras can be effectively done affordably using clever DIY painting tricks alone in few hours! 

Visit R&K Coatings exclusive paints store today or call +61 451 728 863 for additional ideas suiting unique needs pocket friendly!

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